A lot of people may find themselves thinking they’re “too good” to shop at the thrift store. I mean, who really wants to be seen.. in a thrift store.. buying used clothes?? UM.. ME! It’s time to put your pride aside and become a thrift shopper. I promise there are plenty of stylish and functional steals found in almost every thrift store. Not to mention it’s good for your wallet. I absolutely love thrifting. What’s better than finding awesome pieces for suuuuuper cheap? Nothing, lol. My original plan was to do the $20 Thrift Store Challenge. (My favorite thrift store to go to is Grace Centers of Hope Thrift Store in Oak Park, MI. BTW) Buuuut I didn’t really see much for a complete outfit this time. I did find three really cute pieces though that came up to a total offfffffffff… $13!


First, I got this super cute grey Banana Republic blazer that was only $4.99. I love paring blazers with a more casual look, like sneakers. Instead of the usual blouse and skirt business attire. I grabbed my go-to American Apparel high waist jeans, a graphic tee, some Adidas, and a beret for a touch of something different!Processed with VSCO with u3 presetThe next thing I picked up was this brown peacoat. It was also $4.99. This coat is actually a size 8 but one of my favorite things about thrifting is buying stuff that’s not my size for that over sized look. I pared my peacoat with an American Apparel bodysuit, American Apparel joggers, and my platform Vans! IMG_6281

And last but not least I got this New York themed button up which was only $2.99! This shirt is also larger than my size, it’s a 2X. But oversized buttons ups are so my thing! They’re very versatile. I can tie them up, tuck them in, or even wear them off the shoulders! The shirt has tan details so I styled it with my tan skinny slacks and black booties from H&M!

Processed with VSCO with u3 preset Processed with VSCO with u3 presetFacetune_10-02-2018-01-27-21




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