OMG! What better store to be bougie on a budget than NORDSTROM RACK. So, I bought this Adidas shirt last week from Nordstrom and I already knew what outfit I wanted to wear but all the Adidas I have aren’t white so I needed a new pair. So instead of looking for Adidas at Nordstrom I knew it would be smarter and cheaper to go to the Rack. It didn’t take long for me to find a pair I liked.. price check $44.97! Fun fact: I just started working at Nordstrom last week so with my discount they were even cheaper! Just when I thought the shoe was perfect I tried them on to find out they’re actually HEAVEN ON EARTH. They aren’t your normal Adidas. They’re Cloud Foam, meaning it’s a memory footbed AKA comfy AF. Needless to say, I definitely added them to my sneaker collection and they went great with my outfit.








Skirt $12.99 at H&M (Not available online, but always in stores!)

Leather jacket $30 at H&M (Purchased last year)

Vintage purse that used to belong to my granny. 👼

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