Styling My Tory Burch Shoes

The other day I was walking out of Nordstrom into the mall and noticed the cutest Tory Burch shoes. I looked at the price ($168) and walked right out. I had no plans on buying anything that day let alone some Tory Burch shoes. But of course, as I was walking through the mall I went to the Nordstrom app to see if my size was available. Andddd of course, it was! Now normally I would have just added them to my wish list and watch them sell out. But I just started a new job and I’m big on treating yourself to something nice every now and then. So I went back in Nordstrom and got what I wanted! Sometimes it’s okay to send a little extra on one part of your outfit when you’re pairing it with something less expensive!

Here’s now I styled my new shoes for work this week!


White bodysuit from American Apparel ($28)

H&M slim-fit pants ($12.99)

Similar H&M sweater ($24.99)

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 ($950)




Purchase yours here:
Tory Burch Elisa Espadrille Flat

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