A lot of people may find themselves thinking they’re “too good” to shop at the thrift store. I mean, who really wants to be seen.. in a thrift store.. buying used clothes?? UM.. ME! It’s time to put your pride aside and become a thrift shopper. I promise there are plenty of stylish and functional steals found in almost every thrift store. Not to mention it’s good for your wallet. I absolutely love thrifting. What’s better than finding awesome pieces for suuuuuper cheap? Nothing, lol. My original plan was to do the $20 Thrift Store Challenge. (My favorite thrift store to go to is Grace Centers of Hope Thrift Store in Oak Park, MI. BTW) Buuuut I didn’t really see much for a complete outfit this time. I did find three really cute pieces though that came up to a total offfffffffff… $13!


First, I got this super cute grey Banana Republic blazer that was only $4.99. I love paring blazers with a more casual look, like sneakers. Instead of the usual blouse and skirt business attire. I grabbed my go-to American Apparel high waist jeans, a graphic tee, some Adidas, and a beret for a touch of something different!Processed with VSCO with u3 presetThe next thing I picked up was this brown peacoat. It was also $4.99. This coat is actually a size 8 but one of my favorite things about thrifting is buying stuff that’s not my size for that over sized look. I pared my peacoat with an American Apparel bodysuit, American Apparel joggers, and my platform Vans! IMG_6281

And last but not least I got this New York themed button up which was only $2.99! This shirt is also larger than my size, it’s a 2X. But oversized buttons ups are so my thing! They’re very versatile. I can tie them up, tuck them in, or even wear them off the shoulders! The shirt has tan details so I styled it with my tan skinny slacks and black booties from H&M!

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OMG! What better store to be bougie on a budget than NORDSTROM RACK. So, I bought this Adidas shirt last week from Nordstrom and I already knew what outfit I wanted to wear but all the Adidas I have aren’t white so I needed a new pair. So instead of looking for Adidas at Nordstrom I knew it would be smarter and cheaper to go to the Rack. It didn’t take long for me to find a pair I liked.. price check $44.97! Fun fact: I just started working at Nordstrom last week so with my discount they were even cheaper! Just when I thought the shoe was perfect I tried them on to find out they’re actually HEAVEN ON EARTH. They aren’t your normal Adidas. They’re Cloud Foam, meaning it’s a memory footbed AKA comfy AF. Needless to say, I definitely added them to my sneaker collection and they went great with my outfit.








Skirt $12.99 at H&M (Not available online, but always in stores!)

Leather jacket $30 at H&M (Purchased last year)

Vintage purse that used to belong to my granny. 👼

Styling My Tory Burch Shoes

The other day I was walking out of Nordstrom into the mall and noticed the cutest Tory Burch shoes. I looked at the price ($168) and walked right out. I had no plans on buying anything that day let alone some Tory Burch shoes. But of course, as I was walking through the mall I went to the Nordstrom app to see if my size was available. Andddd of course, it was! Now normally I would have just added them to my wish list and watch them sell out. But I just started a new job and I’m big on treating yourself to something nice every now and then. So I went back in Nordstrom and got what I wanted! Sometimes it’s okay to send a little extra on one part of your outfit when you’re pairing it with something less expensive!

Here’s now I styled my new shoes for work this week!


White bodysuit from American Apparel ($28)

H&M slim-fit pants ($12.99)

Similar H&M sweater ($24.99)

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 ($950)




Purchase yours here:
Tory Burch Elisa Espadrille Flat

Bougie On A Budget

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Well, hello there. I’m Brea Janea. Most people just call me Brea.. or Bre for those who, for some odd reason, can’t pronounce my name. Call me whatever you want though, as long as it’s not “broke”. Haha, no seriously. A lot of people consider the word budget a bad thing. Chris Brown for example “I work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget.” Me, myself.. I actually work very hard and will always ball on a budget. Why? Let’s be honest, you don’t have to spend thousands on everything you wear to look stylish and trendy. I love pairing my Gucci belt with my $10 jeans from H&M. Or My Louis Vuitton purse with my thrifted outfit. Or my FreePeople jeans with my Target button up. You get the point. You can be bougie on a budget. So welcome to my blog, where I’ll share how I style my outfits according to my budget, my new expensive/inexpensive pick ups, thrifting, DIYs, & whatever else comes to my mind. Enjoy and stay tuned. 💲💲💲

-Brea Janea